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Over the past several decades global music industries have recognized the

emergence of a ‘new’ genre called “world music.” The term was first used to address non-Western music within the academic milieu. It eventually became popular once giant record stores in the United States and Europe such as Virgin Records provided the products of non-western music with their own section and label. Under the label and section of “World Music” consumers can find items such as Latin, African, Native-American, Australian-aboriginal, Pacific regional music, Asian, and Gamelan music. By the end of 1990s, 30 years since the label appeared the market share for World Music reached 10% out of the total music industry, which today amounts to roughly USD6,5 billion.

Sensing this newly opened huge market, many countries have entered the race in the arena of world music by organizing world music festivals and expos in their countries. Central to this development is the formation of WORLD MUSIC, ARTS AND DANCE (WOMAD) and WORLD MUSIC EXPO (WOMEX) in Europe, and a Grammy Award Category for World Music products.

These festivals and expos have demonstrated that this planet is tremendously rich with world musical resources. Today the development of world music has opened a new musical horizon in the global music scene. Based on this fact, world music practitioners need to take a strong position in the arena. Indonesian Music Expo or IMEX is our effort to fulfill this need.

See you all in Bali and welcome to the paradise of world music.


Franki Raden, Ph.D.


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